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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  February 13, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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could affect how you treat others. >> the first thing you think, okay, one of our kids. >> a troubled rom mate gunned him down. >> our team is asking your questions tonight. how can a police trainee get shot in a drill? >> there's a new report out that finds cyber bullying could be worse than physical bullying. let's go outside. we are in frostburg. what's that white stuff? >> looks like snow. >> oh, man. here we go pooh could we be expecting more? let's check in. wyatt, what's on tap? >> we expect that in frostburg. we're seeing absolutely snow coming down, reports of wet snow
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from frederick to mt. airy. as you come out broad are, you see the changeover line around hunt valley maryland, crossing north of glen el. we have seen snow and some ice coming down around towson and up through harford county. that's going to be the story re. air temps have been above freezing all day. they're dropping to the north and west. we're 40 in baltimore. it's having no success sticking, for will it. by the time the core of the system gets here, the system is going to be on its way out of here. we're projecting light, slushy accumulations as we seat mix change toward midnight. there could be icy spots daybreak tomorrow. that's a concern. we'll have much more and the one
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behind it, minutes away. >> we're tracking the storm. log on to abc2 load. now to the breaking news that we first told you about yesterday on good morning maryland. the survivor in the murder-suicide at the university of maryland is recovering tonight. 22-year-old neal oa was shot in the leg while running from his roommate dayvon green. green shot and killed another roommate stephen stephen rane. >> today we are learning more about the murder-suicide. prince george's county police said dayvon green had a history of mental illness. >> there are a few conditions
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about mental illness when it comes to buying guns. >> reporter: new recommendations for reporting potentially violent mentally pill people have this walk a tight rope. yesterday's shooting at the university of maryland prince george's county police said the gunman, 23-year-old dayvon green was dealing with they termed a mental illness. green had never been arrested and never gone through the court system. the way the law is now, if you haven't come up on the state's radar in a state mental hospital that person won't show up on the list. people who are treated privately may also fall below the radar. the doctor worked on the governor's task force. she said a big part is achieving a balance between the rights of individuals and the rights of the public when it comes to dealing with mental illness in a
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person who may become violent. >> what you'll see is an opportunity for us to examine that. it's called the task force on continuity of care and to look at the impact and the barriers and to look and see if that's related to symptoms and violence. >> reporter: dr. jer dan rudolph said the task force recommends broadening it and that they're trying to find a balance between the rights of privacy and rights of the public. part of that is making the general public understand that not all mental illness results in violence and people can land should get treatment if they need it. we're learning more tonight about the gunman's roommate who died after that shooting. we have more on stephen stephen rane who graduated from centennial high school in howard county.
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>> reporter: initial news of the shooting in college park had already raised an alarm at centennial high school in ellicott city. >> we have so many of our kids who go to the university of maryland. you don't want it to be any one's children. >> reporter: the teacher would learn that a former student, stephen stephen rane had lost his life. a teacher recalled his humor and passion. >> he came to centennial from indiana. he started with us his junior year here. in his senior year he distinguished him to the point where he received our english award. we spoke at the graduation award ceremony and gave him the award from the english department. it's just a really fine, fine
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young man. >> reporter: stephen rane died after dayvon green set a number of fires and opened fire on the roommate. his former teachers believe the efforts to teach the students suffering from mental health issues would be consistent with his character. >> he could have been part of helping him through that. i'm not sure. i've heard stories that seem to indicate that stephen was trying to help up until the very last moment. i don't know. >> reporter: in howard county, jeff hager, abc2 news. >> his former teachers are convinced that stephen rane that he was destined to become an english teacher. 27 hours after a police trainee was shot during a training exercise city police commissioner anthony batts provided no answers on how life
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ammunitions made it into a drill. we have more. >> reporter: abc2 was given exclusive access to the city's training process in 2009. during a drill, they showed us the precautions they take. >> there's no acceptable explanation for why live rounds were at a training exercise, and i was so angry, i was almost speechless to think that something like this could happen. >> reporter: that was the mayor at the board of estimates meeting this morning. she gave the only substantial statement we've heard so far, but the facts are something like this wasn't supposed to be possible. abc2 news investigators were grant exclusive access back in 2009. back then and under then commissioner fred bealefeld it was called the diamond standard training and used what are
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called simunition guns. they are designed to feel like the real thing but are blue and can only fire paint pellets. the department's use of the training tools were explained to us by a sergeant back in 2009. >> the simunitions are a tactic we use to give the officer a feeling of being in a position where they would have projectiles coming tend races -- raises the intensity. >> reporter: sources tell abc2 news that simunitions are the only type of firearms used in training and there's supposed to ab strict policy where officers hand in their real guns and live am pope and assigned these paint pellet guns. a real glock being used is a tragic lapse of discipline.
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commissioner anthony batts sums spended the leadership of the training academy and any firearms training is shut down indefinitely. also, counselors are on hand for officers trying to cope but none more so than with the officer who pulled the trigger. >> you have so many questions. explain to me the training guns. >> they are supposed to feel like the police issued guns. they can't shoot live ammo but the same weight and same feel to give the reality to their training. >> you poked around all day. take me inside the department. >> we're told commissioner batts had a -- he's described as angry. he -- he suspended the leadership mapped suspended firearms training indefinitely until they figure out how this
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could happen. >> we have to figure out how. kelly? >> buying school supplies can add up quickly. imagine having to foot the bill for an entire class. >> and do annoying spam texts keep popping up on qlowr -- your phone? a way to stop them. irene, drop the itch.
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your child's education is in front of the general assembly but more specifically their teachers. >> there's a push to give
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teacher as tax break on the school supplies they have to purchase out of their own pockets. a similar measure failed three times. >> reporter: not too many things are more important than the education of our children and some maryland lawmakers agree. >> it's a good chance for the sit of maryland to say thank you to our educators. >> reporter: it would give teachers as much as a $500 tax credit to write off school supplies they buy out of their own pocket. they can get $250 from the federal government but not one currently from the state. he understands the commitment teachers have. >> they make a lot of sacrifices. with tight school budgets, many of the teachers and educators had to keep their classrooms
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properly supplied. >> reporter: rob teaches third grade at marley middle. he puts his students above all. >> we want them to have the materials that they need to be successful and sometimes the students have trouble bringing those materials. >> reporter: some students see the commitments and feel the teachers need a break. >> i think it's awesome that they think we're that special that they would just go out and buy stuff for us because they think that's special. that makes me happy. >> reporter: similar bills have failed in 2003, four and five. that's because this comes with a price tag of $33 million. lawmakers are looking for ways to cut down on the comes. in annapolis, don harrison. our health alert starts with online bullying. cyber bullying can be as harmful
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as actual bullies. students who were cyber bullied were just as likely to skip school and commit suicide. those who were bullied by text messages thought about it. sometimes they're afraid to talk to their parents about it. if you think exercising furiously is necessary to ward off high cholesterol and diabetes, that might not be the case. slow and steady movements are more beneficial in improving cholesterol and preventing diabetes. researchers believe mild exercise over an extended period of time is the best way to prevent diabetes and fight close but intense exercise is still better than no exercise at all. all right. tonight's consumer alert. want to complain about text message spam? there's -- there's an app for
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that. it's available in the google play store. while many of the features are limited to paid subscribers, you don't need a subscription to file a complaint. >> you can see that changeover steadily spreading from west to east going from a rain snow mix to a true snow scenario. even areas shaded in green, remember these are doppler estimated points. some areas further east will continue to see the snow and ice mixing in, even baltimore city eastward with some mix in that rain. as we continue to go through the evening, temperatures will continue to fall. look mat them now. 34 in hagerstown. at the freezing mark in winchester, virginia. that cold air will funnel in.
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all points at this moment safely above freezing. as the snow and ice hits the ground it's melting on contact. the cold winds continuing to drop temperatures now that they're hot of the north. for more on the actual ground conditions as we speak, we'll head out live to meteorologist mike masco. >> it's snowing. we walked out earlier, now something's going on. we got the snow. most areas reporting on facebook. most people on our facebook reporting snow and those big fat flakes are flying. that's an indication that the hair is starting to get cold. the surface is starting to get cold. we'll go hyperlocal. we'll show you. there you g look at manchester, 36, still above freezing.
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we're not concerned with the roadways right now. as we go into tonight we could see slick spots, especially to the north and west. future trend. that burst of snow, it is starting earlier than anticipated but future trends doing a pretty good job on this, 58, 9 -- 8:00, 9:00, 10:00. then everything exits stage right. this is how the totals stack up. we're calling it a nuisance event. just a healthy coating points to the north and east. kind of weird north and west. that's where the grand jackpot totals will be. sealsle county andington. you could make out with one to two inches. southern new jersey 2 to 4 inches that's where we think the grand totals will be. a little bit of that too late scenario. big fat flakes, wyatt. we'll send it back to you. >> got to check the hair.
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get them out of there. all right. it's nature's hair gel. you can track the weather in your neighborhood by the hour 24/7. here's the storm. the core is west toward morgan town west virginia, will make a sweeping pass over maryland, certainly tapering off as we move toward midnight. cold air funneling in. as we go toward daybreak temps dropping. you have to watch for that has the whole system begins to head out. behind the system which will clear rapidly, it will melt things quickly, a nice dry setup thursday into friday. by friday night a new clipper system diving south, could deliver another glancing blow. could mean rain mixed with snow. hair temps struggling to get out of the 30s. 32 by daybreak. that could create some icy
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spots. 48 by the afternoon. we're clearing out things. it will be nice and perfect for your date, driving to your favorite restaurant or venue of choice. the next few days 52 on friday. 40 on saturday. early sat delay morning -- saturday morning a rain snow mix. then cold and blustery all week long. it's still february into got to love that heart. valentine's day is tomorrow and many married couples wish their singled couples are married into how we treat others may depend on whether we're married or single. people think their way of life is best for everybody. researchers ask people to imagine how a married or single person would spended have -- valentine's night. that's what they call the grass
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looks greener on the other side of the street. anyway, happy valentine's day. >> a day early. we'll be right back after break. my achy feet made it tough to play with billy.
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before we go, here's a look at what kelly's working on. >> if you have a family of four and each person has a smartphone, your cell phone bill could be several hundred dollars
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a month. we have tips on how to keep this under $5 -- under $50. >> take a quick check at the radar picture. you can see the rain snow line drifting. it's all snow from i-83 westward. this will overspread all of central maryland but the temps have generally been above freezing and will be until midnight. so we don't look for much to stick but a slushy coating valentine's morning could be icy. >> pretty when it comes down but then it will be out of here. >> could there be a delay in the morning? >> i believe there could be. >> we'll stay around for the 11:00 news. >> thanks for joining us. you have a great evening.
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